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Though this blog is about collecting Maugham's books as physical objects, I also like to have the digitalised version for my eReader, because then I can carry them around and take advantage of technology, not like Maugham who had to suffer the problem of travelling with his enormous book-bag! Besides, it is very convenient when you need to search for something specific.

The followings are the novels that I have found free to download, some of them are out of copyright, a few are uploaded by individuals on their websites. What I provide here are the links to them, readers will have to decide for themselves the legality of downloading them.

Readers also have a choice to borrow some of these books (as indicated) from the Open Library. Registration is free and it is not location-restricted; you can borrow from anywhere.

If you are interested in comments or the first editions of Maugham's work, you will find relevant posts on the right hand column organized by subjects.

Novels by W. Somerset Maugham 

[Please check back from time to time since I am still in the process of putting links that I have found]


  1. I have seen a recommendation for 'Mrs Craddock' by Somerset Maugham. I would very much appreciate if you could load this on as a PDF too as I am about to receive a Kindle and PDF works on this format. Many thanks in advance. I can provide the link to the recommendation if you are interested. Thanks once again and Kind Regards,
    Andrew Ward

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      It would be helpful if you give me the link.